My hard drive died on me today. It died in the most peculiar way. It didn’t even let me know it was dying until it was well past saving. But now it’s hosed and there isn’t much I can do about it.

I used to have the hard disk divided between Windows 2000 and Mandrake Linux 10. But for whatever reason, the partitions (think of a big parcel of land subdivided into littler chunks) were overlapping (think of two moving sets of fences, with all the conflicts that would result from that.

At some point, the fence gave out, and all heck broke loose. I think what broke the fence was that I tried to upgrade my Windows to XP. All I know is that the disk is in bad shape.

We’re trying to retrieve the data using a tool called EasyRecover, but a lot of things – like the various posters, fliers and artwork promoting my DJ gigs – might be lost.

Once again, let my sad tale be a warning to you. Back up your important stuff. Hard disks don’t last forever.

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