Tornado hits Litovel

Fer chrissake, a friggin’ tornado touched down yesterday in Litovel, a town near Olomouc. Here’s iDnes’ story, in my own translation:

Damage in Litovel Caused by Tornado

A tornado touched down in the Olomouc region, meteorologists confirmed. Its aftermath is still being cleaned up. The biggest damage is in Litovel. According to experts it is the biggest tornado in several years. A state of danger has been declared. Meteorologists warn that storms will continue until Friday.

According to the latest reports, the situation in the town has stabilized. Povodí Moravy (the company in charge of waterways in Moravia) has cleaned riverbanks of overturned and snapped trees.

Securing of homes against further wind damage is underway. An announcement from the Czech Hydrometeorological Office (CHMU) warns of possible intensive storms, hail and sudden downpours until Friday.

Tornado Went Through Town

“Everything points to the fact that this was a tornado,” Brno CHMU meteorologist Milan Šálek told iDnes. He added that it was not possible to determine the speed the tornado’s wind speed. “I can only estimate that it was a Level 3 tornado on a scale of 5.” In such a case, the wind inside the tornado rotates at a speed of several hundred kilometers per hour.

The tornado was several hundred meters wide, according to Šálek. The most destructive forse was in a roughly 200-meter-wide belt that went across the town,” Šálek said.

According to latest reports, the act of nature affected one-third of the town of 10,000 inhabitants, and caused damage of more than 100 million crowns (USD 3.86 million). The Litovel brewery alone estimated damage of more than 30 million crowns (USD 1.15 million).

The Litovel chief building inspector has declared five buildings uninhabitable. Onle one of these has so far been marked for demolition. All affected residents have been offered housing in a local school.

The next steps for emergency operations will be discussed by the security council, which will meet at 7:30 tonight. No conclusions are known.

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