I’ve got the face of a pervert!

From time to time I get to hear new slang from home. “Sucks to be you,” was a phrase I heard recently, and it could probably be applied to the guy in this story by Jaroslav Krčál in yesterday’s Blesk.


In my own case, the only case of mistaken identity that ever happened to me happened when a few years ago, while laying by a hotel pool, a woman walked up to me and asked for my autograph, thinking I was Cesar Rojas of Los Lobos. But again I digress. Anyway, the translation is mine.

I’ve got the face of a pervert!

Jiří Forman had quite a scare yesterday morning. He opened the newspaper and saw himself – as a brutal criminal! A police artist’s rendition published in the paper was completely similar to his own appearance.

“Look out! A wanted man is raping older women!” Forman read with horror. “And here it goes again,” he thought.

Forman had had similar trouble two years ago.

The young man’s voice mail box and email were full of messages from friends. Some were ironic, and there were even a couple who believed he was the real criminal.

“I immediately called the police,” a shaken Jiří Forman recalled. “The same thing happened to me two years ago, when the police arrested me right on the street. I didn’t want the same thing to happen,” he explained.

Forman described his unenviable situation thusly: He was walking down the street in Hradec Králové, when a police car came randomly, uniformed men jumped out, and immediately arrested him. “It wasn’t a really good feeling, when I was standing on the street pushed against the police car. Bystanders began to appear, and one old fogey yelled: “That’s him! Give it to him!”

He only found out what was going on until later at the police station. Even then the police were looking for a criminal who raped old babičky. Everything was quickly explained, because at the time of the rapes he was working somewhere else.

“From that day, whenever I hear that someone is wanted for rape, I get a bad feeling all over my body,” Forman shook as he recalled.

What’s more, people remember his face from the TV, when he was a news editor for a private TV station. Now his voice can be heard on a private radio station.

“I’d be happy if they finally caught this jerk and put him behind bars for a while. Then hopefully he wouldn’t look so much like me,” Forman added. But he didn’t laugh much when he said it.

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