No Sleep Till Å½ižkov

I love the Czech word náročné. It could mean demanding, or complicated, or time-consuming, depending on the situation.

This week for me will be náročné. We have several developers in town to meet about our LiveSupport software development project.

LiveSupport is an effort to create a free and open-source software package that radio stations can use to manage every aspect of their broadcast, from the playlist in the studio to workflow in the newsroom to archives of shows.

Theoretically, a radio station operator could use LiveSupport on a single laptop to run a professional-sounding radio station. It’s designed to be flexible, so you should be able to use it whether you’re one guy running a community radio station or a major broadcasting powerhouse.

We’re about at the 1/3 mark with the project, and welcome other developers and radio professionals to take part. There’s more info over at the Campware site about LiveSupport, including the developers’ forum. It’s empty now because our correspondence has been on a closed mailing list so far, but we will be opening up our process in the next couple of days.

The LiveSupport development team is truly international, with developers in Berlin, Budapest (but soon to move to Bangkok), Belgrade and New York. That’s another thing that should be nice about LiveSupport: one of our consortium partners is the Digital Design Department of the Parsons School of Design of New York City; we have four masters’ students and two professors working on the interface. Which should ensure that even though this is an open source project, it’ll be user-friendly.

The náročnost continues during the week because I DJ tonight with Tony Ozuna at the Palac Akropolis’ Divadelní bar and Friday night at the Tulip Lounge. Nárocné.

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