What do we want? Pork! When do we want it? Now!

Anybody who’s spent any quality time with Czech cuisine will know the special place pork holds.

I joke with visitors that they need to eat up, because the authorities at the airport will be checking their pork levels on their exit from the country.

So I read the news today about pork prices rising as a result of Czech EU entry with somewhat mixed emotions. Prices are rising because Czech farmers can now ship to EU countries, where they can get a better price; probably 15 to 20% more than domestically. A kilo of live pig (which apparently is the measurement they use) went for CZK 28 (USD $1.06)before Czech EU entry, and now sells for CZK 33 (USD $1.25). In Germany, the price is CZK 37.30 (USD $1.41), and that’s where prices will probably go.

I wonder, though, if a backlash could be in the works. Pork is a God-given right, handed down to the sons and daughters of LibuÅ¡e by Praotec Čech himself, no?

Somehow, though, I doubt that there’ll be street demonstrations over the issue, but one can only hope. I’ll be leading the chants:

“What do we want? Pork! When do we want it? Now!”

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