The Adventura agency specializes in arranging trips that are, well, generally adventure-oriented. You can book a trip to exotic locations like New Zealand or the Ukrainian Carpathians.

They also put together Outward Bound-style “team building” exercises, which are really cool. I got to go on one once, back when I was working for one of the Big Telcos here in town.

Sure, we were skeptical about going out into the forest with the knuckleheads from Sales, but by the end of the thing, we really were starting to come together as a team. We were really believing that we’d pull together, just like we did out on the ropes. We started to really believe that our bosses would really go the extra mile for us, and that we’d do the same for them.

Then two weeks later we got an announcement that we would have to lay off 15% of our staff, and that team spirit disappeared faster than Vladimír Å pidla’s “friends.”

Nothing against Adventura, mind you. They put together a nice weekend.

Anyway, my friend Pavla pointed out a couple of excellent upcoming events over at the Adventura website. First, there’s the “Active Weekend for Active Women”, which has this offer:

“Get a weekend free and devote some time to yourself! In the pleasant environs of a family hotel just outside Prague, you’ll get to enjoy some motion, beauty, relaxation, and fun. You’ll learn a bit about yourself and strengthen your body and your soul. Weekends are led by experienced aerobics instructor and stylist Zuzana Bidláková, who also is working on our summer programs in France and Italy.”

Sounds good. But this is the course I think I’ll sign up for:

Passive Weekend for Passive Men

If you want a real treat, if you want something different than what’s in the whole catalog you’ve just read, and so many activities listed in this catalog just disgust you? We’ve got just the event for you. The focus of our course has to do mainly with consuming quality alcohol and watching active women from reclining chairs and mainly absolute passivity. Supplies of quality alcohol, cigars and reclining chairs are included in sufficient amounts.

Damn. Looks like the weekend is sold out…

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