Skewiff vs. Big Les

It’s always cool when one of the groups I play when I DJ ends up on TV, usually on a commercial. I was surprised back in 2001 to find the Gotan Project in an ad for Skyy Vodka, and then in 2003 the same song in ad for DHL.

So imagine my surprise when I find Skewiff’s “Skewiff vs. Big Les” being used in that cool Thierry Henry Nike ad in heavy rotation during the European Championships. You know the one, where he plays football inside his house, trashing it in the process.

I found “Skewiff vs. Big Les” (excerpt in Windows Media or Real) on an excellent mix CD put together by the incomparable Ursula 1000 called “All Systems Are Go-Go,” which should still be available in better record stores near you.

You’re welcome 😉

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