Best. Trabant. Ever.

iDnes has a story today about Tomáš Foukner from Nová Ves pod Pleší, who has a Trabant that completely 0wnZ! He has spent CZK 270,000 (USD $10,642) to get his Trabant to the point where he’s happy with it.

“I hope it’ll start,” he says, explaining that his several-hundred-watt sound system, which takes up 2/3 of his trunk, is capable of draining the battery within 7 minutes. By all means check out the photo gallery.

7 thoughts on “Best. Trabant. Ever.

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  2. imi place foarte mult masina vrea si eu una dar nu prea am bani pentru ea si pentru intretinerea ei.

  3. I love the car it looks gr8, I worths all the work, I’m a big fan of Trabi…take care man and have fun because this is all about fun 😉

    ps: i bet it’s a big head-turner 😉

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