I really want to believe Prime Minister Stanislav Gross is not a swine. I want to believe he will do right by the country and will be the first to admit I’m wrong when he does so.

I must say that he’s handling the European Commissioner switch pretty swinishly. For one thing, he’s replacing the talented Pavel Telička – who seems to be well-liked in Brussels but hated back in Prague – with the man he deposed as Prime Minister, Vladimír Å pidla. Å pidla, today’s Hospodářské noviny reminds us, doesn’t speak English.

But the truly swinish thing Gross did was that he notified Telička of his sacking by SMS. “I’ve informed him by SMS about what measures we’re heading toward,” Gross said, “So that he wouldn’t know of it only from the press.”

Mighty nice of you, Standa.

I understand that this is the new thing to do in relationships, where it’s really slimy. But to fire your European Commissioner by SMS? Maybe he’s too cheap to pay for the phone call to Brussels.

I’d really like to see the SMS he sent, though. Here’s my version:

Pavle, mas padaka.

Leave your own version in the comments.

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