Back to the grind

I’m back after a nice long week of doing a whole lotta nothing; I spent the last week in the environs of the Dolní Berounka river barbecuing incessantly, catching up on back issues of the New Yorker, walking through forests and going more or less cold turkey on the Internet.

I rode my bike back to Kafkaville last night to find that a bomb went off outside the kinda-creepy-anyway Royal Casino on Na příkopě, luckily with no fatalities.

Things seem to be getting back to normal today, though. Theo over at Steal This Idea was all over the story, btw, and Scott has a pretty good post about it too. I have two observations:

1) Seeing as the real estate on Na příkopě is some of the most expensive in the world, I wonder if this incident will have any effect on the already-bloated prices. Also, could the Na příkopě retailers’ association, if they so decided, move to push the Casino Royal out?

2) Gross and his people are trying to downplay the significance of the blast, saying that it was merely a couple of goodfellas settling scores. But the association of your capital city’s priciest real estate with mafia guys gone rampant can’t be good for an already light tourist year. Saying, “well, at least it wasn’t Al Qaeda,” isn’t going to do much.

Oh, and now for the real news: Iveta Bartošová is broke, Blesk reported on Saturday. Blesk obviously smells blood. Or is this just the latest chapter in her Perils of Pauline tale?

This brings the Blesk Iveta count to 114, in case anybody’s counting.

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