CzechTek spokesman: Catch me if you can

You really can’t make up stories like this one from today’s České noviny. Maybe there really is a reality distortion field that goes with temporary autonomous zones (ahem, or as some would call them, illegal raves) like CzechTek.

Regardless, someone should get DiCaprio on the blower.

The translation is mine.

CzechTek “spokesman” traveled around the world on state’s expenses

The man who for the last few days has presented himself to the media as the spokesman for the 11th annual CzechTek technoparty in Boněnová near Tachov has been identified by server as Lukáš Kohout, who a couple of years ago traveled the world at the state’s expense by saying he was an assistant to various politicians.

“Yes, I can confim that it was me,” the man, who identified himself as Lukáš, the spokesman for the event’s organizers, admitted to ČTK. Police investigations into whether he impersonated the assistants of various politicians are still not closed. Kohout insists he is the real spokesman for CzechTek, and that all information he has provided to journalists has been true.

“I was entrusted by one of the organizers from České Budějovice to be the event’s media representative,” he insisted.

According to the server, police are investigating whether the man conned the party’s participants and organizers as well. Spokesman for the Western Bohemian police would not confirm this.

According to Kohout, he warned the techno party’s organizers that as soon as his true identity was known, there would be an even larger outcry over CzechTek. “They told me it didn’t bother them,” Kohout said. One of the organizers is a friend, he said. In the beginning, Kohout refused to appear before TV or still cameras, but on Sunday took part in a TV report.

“It was clear to me that as soon as I appeared on television, someone would recognize me,” he added.

According to police, the 21-year-old Kohout visited a number of countries at the expense of the Parliament, including South Africa, the Maldives, Thailand, Tunisia, Peru, Ukraine, Albania, Colombia and Venezuela.

His trips were presented as official state visits, and he presented himself as a parliamentary functionary – for example, as the assistant to Social Democrat MP and former UN General Assembly chairman Jan Kavan. On one of the alleged Kavan trips he arranged a jet plane to Sri Lanka for CZK 2.5 million (around USD $95,000).

iDnes adds: The flight ended prematurely in Cyprus, when during a refueling stop it was revealed that the plane did not have clearance to fly over India and that the “diplomats” would have to return to Prague. Kohout’s fraud was revealed when the multi-million crown bill for the plane went to the Social Democrats.

Kohout has previously said that he admitted taking the false trips to police. He allegedly did it to draw attention to the mess surrounding politicians’ foreign trips. Police have sought him since last year.

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