SummerCAMP 2004

I’m in the middle of the SummerCAMP 2004 developers’ conference, where Campsite developers from around the world get together to talk Campsite development and generally have a critical geek-down.

The big topic is the architecture for Campsite 3.0, which we’ve decided will use an all-PHP code base, instead of its current C++ approach. The big reason for this is to try to make the code more accessible to developers looking to make third-party extensions to Campsite, as well as making it easier to install on web hosting services.

A lot of talk has gone in to the question of whether or not we should use an existing content management framework, such as Zope or Midgard. While we appreciate the good work those projects have done, we have come to the conclusion that our little chunk of the open source content management is for professional media organizations, and that the best way we can ensure their interests and needs are met is to make our own framework. We will try to avoid reinventing the wheel by using good open source projects wherever possible; projects like HTMLArea, Smarty or PEAR. And we’re being inspired by the kind of work being done by the good people over at Mambo Open Source.

One of the neat things about something like SummerCAMP is getting smart people together from across the planet; we have developers this year from Jordan, Germany, Canada, Serbia, the Czech Republic and the U.S. of A., with another checking in virtually from Sydney, Australia.

Once we get the final development tree firmed up, we’ll be posting it over at the Campware site. Stay tuned.

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