August, the busiest month

When driving in Prague in August, I get the distinct feeling that at least half the city is gone, and the ones who are here are on their way out.

When dealing with my wisdom tooth troubles a couple of weeks ago, the simple act of finding an oral surgeon turned into a full-scale farce, with my dentist digging deeply into her little black book to find someone in town and willing to take on my case.

My advice to you is: don’t get sick in Europe in August. An entire continent sits at home, wounded and ailing, until Sept. 1, when they will all mob the waiting rooms.

In my own experience, though, August has always been one of the busiest months, because everybody wants their IT projects ready for when the rest of Europe returns from vacation. And when dealing with software developers, clients just assume that you just press a big green button on your screen and everything gets done automatically. “Can’t you just scan it?” an exasperated client once asked me.

This year is no different, with our Campsite developers’ meeting wrapping up, a new software project entering beta testing, and LiveSupport starting to take shape. All these things will conspire to keep me away from sandy beaches and salt water for quite some time.

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