Tunneling, in a good way

I happened to be coming out of the tunnel today right at the same time the new Mrazovka tunnel was having its ribbon-cutting ceremony. Not late enough to actually drive through it, as the víajpíz weren’t done bloviating yet. But there was a nice lineup of old Czech cars, as well as a tent with, er, refreshments.

If there’s one lesson I’ve learned in dealing with Czech journalists, it’s this: the amount of press your event gets is directly related to the size of the spread you put out for them. If you really want good coverage, you’ll bust out the hot-food catering, and if you show up with wilted chlebičky, you can expect to get maybe a sentence on page E37, right above the phone sex ads. But I digress.

The new tunnel should make life that much easier for people traveling between Prague 5 and 6, and a straight shot between the Břevnov entrance to the Strahov tunnel and Barrandovský most is nothing to sneeze at. Now comes the really hard part of the Prague ring road system, though: routing traffic between Letna and the Magistral (which I always, for inexplicable reasons, pronounce as Maggi-sral).

I’ve heard talk of a tunnel under Stromovka park, along the Vltava River, but I’m skeptical about something like that especially after the floods. Anyone care to edify me on the next phase of the ring road?

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