A night at the hip-hopera

Last night I got my sweaty little paws on “A Night at the Hip-Hopera,” the most excellent new ‘album’ by The Kleptones.

“A Night at the Hip-Hopera” is a mashup record that combines classic Queen tracks with all kinds of things, but mainly old-school hip-hop. It’s funny as hell, and had me laughing out loud on the iPod-fueled walk to work today.

I call it an ‘album’ because it’s only available for download, as far as I can understand. I’m sure the various record company attorneys are sharpening their claws about this as we speak, so move quick to get your copy.

Here’s a link to the BitTorrent file, and here are a couple of links to traditional download pages.

If I were in Queen’s management, I’d be thrilled to see people working with Queen samples, and would work to produce something along the lines of the “Jay-Z construction kit” for DJs. But maybe that’s why I’m an open source developer in Prague and not a high-powered entertainment attorney in London or LA…

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