Bear with me for a second while I engage in idle speculation. After looking at the various stories connected to TV Nova’s cancellation of “Milionovy par,” and then the headlines today that say Nova’s in play could a line be drawn between the two?

The Nova management decision to completely cancel the show was puzzling. After all, Nova hasn’t exactly been a staunch defender of Family Values in the past, so why the sudden holier-than-thou?

Could it be because their potential buyer would look at shows like “Milionovy par” askance? Who could that kind of buyer be? Bertelsmann is a name that’s been thrown around.

The saddest thing in the whole “Milionovy par” scandal is that the actual people involved – especially Ester Ladova – is going to have a hard time living this down. Then again, in an era defined by Paris Hilton, could this be the real beginning of her career?

Note: I’m posting from a machine that doesn’t have Czech language support, so please bear with me on the lack of haceks and carkas