I’ve been following the development of podcasting with great interest for many different reasons. Podcasting is the new tech buzzword of the day, and it just means audio programs intended to be played on personal audio players like the iPod.

(And no, the player doesn’t have to be an iPod. It could be any MP3 player. Heck, a lot of mobile phones have MP3 players these days.)

I like podcasting because it brings together the mechanisms of content management and weblogs with those of radio: you don’t have to worry about missing your favorite DJ’s show.

I think podcasting will work because it’s easy. All you have to do is use a free program like iPodder, which checks to see if a show has been updated, and then downloads it in the background. When it’s downloaded, it automatically passes it over to iTunes, which then uploads it onto your iPod.

Our contribution to the whole podcasting phenomenon will come early next year, when our LiveSupport software is released.

LiveSupport is a system that lets you run an entire radio station on a computer (or multiple computers). While we originally set out to make LiveSupport thinking that we’d either be sending the sound to either an FM transmitter or an internet stream, now I’m starting to think about output to a sound files too.

But if you’re just one blogger in his pajamas, that’s OK, because LiveSupport doesn’t set a minimum broadcast length. So you make a short broadcast (say, four songs interrupted with various commentary) and then output that for podcasting.

LiveSupport is free and open source software, and we’re always looking for others to get involved. If you’re interested, check out our pages to see how.

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