They Beat Bartošová!

This is a pretty disturbing story, even for devoted watchers of Iveta BartoÅ¡ová (and therefore, by extension, Blesk’s coverage of her), and I would like to wish Iveta a speedy recovery. The translation is mine:

They Beat Bartošová!

Singer Iveta Bartošová was attacked yesterday by an unknown man!

At her home in Uhříněves, a motorcycle stopped and a man hidden in a helmet rang the doorbell. Iveta went outside. At that moment a man pretending to be a courier attacked her and punched her in the face, saying: “That’s for you, you whore!” and quickly rode away. What he meant by the words, Iveta has no idea.

“It hurts terribly. I immediately called an ambulance. It was a blow straight to the cheekbone. Little Artur was luckily with his dad ([songwriter] Ladislav Å taidl). I really don’t know who I bother so terribly much,” Iveta cried, adding that she has not yet reported the incident to the police.

BartoÅ¡ová will premiere in the musical “Miss Saigon” Dec. 8, but doesn’t know what she’ll do with her black eye and swelling. “When I was doing terrible, nobody cared. Then I started to do better and I get foul and threatening letters every day. But after what’s happened to me now, I’m seriously afraid. Especially for my child,” she added, shaking.

This is Number 117 in the Blesk Iveta watch.

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