My good friend Jeffrey McManus is fond of saying “What the huh?”

He’d definitely say it now in relation to the deepening mystery surrounding Iveta BartoÅ¡ová’s recent black eye. As you of course will all recall in excruciating detail, the original story was that a mystery man, dressed as a courier, came up to her and punched her in the eye.

Now Blesk leads today’s edition with another version of the story which is, unfortunately, a lot more mundane than a gang of randomly angry couriers.

Shoe designer Lukáš Veselý says there was a fight involved when Iveta and some hired muscle tried to collect on a CZK 100,000 (USD $4280) loan she made to him. Fisticuffs ensued, and Iveta got involved and got the monokl.

Iveta denies the story, but does say Veselý owes her the sto kil.

This is number 118 in the Blesk Iveta Watch.