Pardon my dust

Pardon my dust around here for a little while. I’m migrating my blog to the outstanding WordPress blog platform.

WordPress is free and open source (it’s brought to you by the letters G, P and L) and has a slew of features.

Hat tip to Johanka for insipiring me to finally make the switch.

15 thoughts on “Pardon my dust

  1. Wow the header image is awesome! 🙂
    But I would still make the body text font a tad bit smaller. And the comments link – it’s uncler which entry it belongs to, whether the previous or the following one.

  2. so why do you prefer wordpress over movabletype. . . and isn’t movabletype free and open source?. . . couple of comments about the new layout:

    1. johanka is right, the comments link is has a line space between it and the previous line and no gap between it and the next line. . .

    2. on a mac with osx 10.3.6 and safari 1.2.4 your “ads by Goooooooogle” strip gets cut off on the left. . . on the same mac with firefox 1.0PR (yeah, i know the new one is out) the strip looks fine. . .

  3. okay, one more thing that popped up after posting that last comment – after clicking your “Say It!” button to post a comment, i get a page of errors saying stuff like:

    “Warning: Unknown modifier ‘C’ in /home/doug/public_html/wordpress/wp-includes/functions.php on line 1352”


    “Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/doug/public_html/wordpress/wp-includes/functions.php:1348) in /home/doug/public_html/wordpress/wp-comments-post.php on line 177”

    it appeared to post the comment okay but i’m assuming it ain’t supposed to do that. . . and although i’m assuming it doesn’t matter but i’m doing this in safari. . .


  4. Thanks for the comments. I’m ironing out a few of the small things, like the CSS for the spacing between the comments line and the next headline. I’ve also added a gray hairline in there, but it kinda looks weird when you start a new day. Maybe I’ll go for a much lighter color.

    As for Safari, how kosher is it when it comes to CSS? The whole design is in CSS at this point, so it’s hard to say. Also, the errors on the comments are worrying, but they work for now. I’ll keep plugging away at that, as it might be a server configuration/rights problem.

  5. OK, so I think I’ve fixed the problem with the error messages; it had to do with the entries I tried to import from the MT-Blacklist.txt file, which had PERL-style commenting, which I think made the PHP choke.

    As for Movable Type being open source, it’s a little bit complicated. While you have access to the source code, it’s not issued under a true open source license. It’s still commercial software, and Six Apart reserves a lot more rights to it than the makers of WordPress do by releasing it under the GPL.

    Plus you have to pay for MT if you want to do anything tricky. While I like MT fine, I can see definite advantages to WordPress down the road, especially in integrating it with Campsite, which already supports PHP plugins.

  6. PHPness is a pretty good thing, Henry, but the comments moderation feature is pretty nice; I was getting really bombarded by spammers. Also, there’s a separate RSS feed for comments, which helps to see if/when someone responds to what you have commented on. That’s down on the bottom right margin, btw.

  7. not sure about how well safari plays with css. . . moxie was doing some sorta housecleaning and asked people if they saw anything wrong and i noticed some things looked wrong in safari but fine in firefox but at the same time *other* stuff looked fucked in firefox but fine in safari. . .

  8. wait, that last comment i made about safari, firefox, and css didn’t appear to post. . . i’m posting *this* message to see if it gets thru. . .

  9. Hm. It seems that moderation is turned on by default, so your posts don’t show up until I approve ’em. I was getting about 50 comment spams a day, so I thought that was a good idea. But I think I’m gonna turn it off, now that I have this feedback from you guys…

  10. Besides generally liking the new layout a lot less, on Win/M$IE5.5 (which brings some weird problems with scrolling) with pictures turned off (so I of course don’t see the “awesome” header one, or even the blog’s title; I never understood what sense specifying font color #FFFFFF on #fff background had) the content of the right column is shifted several centimeters right from where it should be and (in the upper half) submerged beneath the boder of the main “rap” DIV.

  11. Jan,

    I’ve just tried the site with IE 5.0 on Win2000, and while there is a slight problem with the right column getting cut off a bit, the rest of the site design comes through fine.

    As for the name not being visible, that’s because the text is white on a white background; it assumes the picture will be there. Bohužel, it’s a problem with CSS overall, in that there’s no support for ALT tags for inline background images. Luckily, the element tells people which blog there is.

    Also, is there any reason not to use Firefox instead of IE? I have it on a few really old machines (one is a 266mhz Pentium 1) and it runs fine.

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