Drilling down into CSS

I’ve been busy these last few days drilling down into cascading style sheets, both for this blog and for our free and open source Campsite content management server.

CSS is interesting, because it allows a lot more control over a page’s appearance, and finally gives web design many of the typographic and design capabilities it’s been missing.

CSS has been around for years, but only with the advent of new browsers that are able to handle it gracefully has it started to catch on.

Personally, I’ve been greatly impressed with the way WordPress uses CSS for all of its design. I’m currently using an ever-so-slightly modified version of Laura Blalock’s Type theme for WordPress, which you can see here.

I’ve also set out to do something similar with Campsite and its templating.

Which brings me to a point I need to repeat here: Open source isn’t just for coders. If you’re a designer and would like to help make Campsite more flexible for web designers, drop me a line.

3 thoughts on “Drilling down into CSS

  1. The links should show up nice and bold now, thanks to changes in the CSS file. I’ll tweak it more over the weekend, when I get a free moment, but hopefully links will be a bit more visible now. And yeah, hi!

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