Deep-fried Mars Bar a Reality

About this time last year, Bloopy told me about traveling through Scotland and coming across what he thought was one of the strangest foods ever: a Mars candy bar, battered and deep-fried.

I was always skeptical about it, figuring it was the culinary equivalent of the Jackalope. But apparently it’s for real, as this article shows.

4 thoughts on “Deep-fried Mars Bar a Reality

  1. why you gotsta be all doubtinatin’ me and shit?. . . and for the record, i didn’t think it was one of the strangest foods ever, i thought it was one of the *tastiest* foods ever. . . i mean i put that shit on par with the best french desserts i’ve had while goofing off in paris. . .

  2. I encountered one on a side street in Edinburgh, and I have to say the reality is raelly not quite as crazy as you’d expect from the phrase “deep fried Mars bar.” Imagine a doughnut or batter fritter with a gooey chocolate and nut filling — that’s pretty much what it is.

  3. The only thing I’m surprised about is that the deep-fried Mars Bar was found in Scotland and not America, considering we deep fry everything from ice cream to turkey.

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