3 thoughts on “Comment spam record

  1. Hi there… Jeffree here, publisher of Think, and I caught your comments on your blog… if you have a better cover scan, I can put it up, basically that was one of the last issue I picked up when I moved to Prague. I like your idea of putting the articles onsite, I offer think.cz to host that if you can provide the scans. What I was actually thinking of doing, since it’s so cheap to have Thai typist type the articles here in Asia, is to put them all online as text as well… what do you think? By the way, I don’t know if you have a copy of the Details article about Prague (back in the day), but I actually ended up with the Mac Classic in one of the magazine’s fotos! I have it here in Singapore, and it still works.
    Look forward to your reply…
    jeffree think@think.cz

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