Fred Durst and the Darkness

From this week’s Popbitch newsletter:

Fred Durst on recording the new Limp Bizkit album in Prague: “This is where I am connecting with the darkness. Some days are explosive, others just plain heavy from the gothic aesthetic of this city in general. We have gone to the other side a few times with absinthe to discover the unknown. As it seems the unknown is quite demanding these days. We have watched no television or listened to no radio… The perfect call for where my head needed to be”.

Um, whatever, dude. Durst. Limp Bizkit. Recording new album. Prague. The levels of wrongness boggle the mind.

But I wanted to say one thing: I don’t connect with the darkness when I drink absinthe. I connect with the door I can’t see in the darkness when I drink absinthe.

5 thoughts on “Fred Durst and the Darkness

  1. What the hell is up with that idiot, anyway? He sounds like a high school kid taking his first toke, pretending he’s goth. Just enjoy Prague and try to make some GOOD music this time!

  2. Best commentary on this is from

    “What a huge cock cheese. “We’ve gone to the other side”? You got drunk you mean. I’ve been to Prague and I got drunk on the green stuff like a good tourist fuckwit but I didn’t feel the need to inflict horrificly shit “rock” on the world as a result. What did Prague ever do to deserve having this wanker inflicted on it? Freed from 40 years of Soviet dictatorship only to be targetted by every wannabe boho twat in the western world, now led by the laughable figure of Durst in his fucking cap.”

  3. When I flew to Prague in 1996, I sat next to a an American woman who lived there but assured me that it was a very powerful city, mystically speaking, since it lay at the junction of numnerous ley lines. I listened politely, because I wanted to borrow her copy of the Prague Post.

    She said that she was an actress but was working for the moment as a receptionist for a dentist (IIRC). I wonder if she’s still in Prague.

  4. I’ve been really wanting to just walk up to someone, czech american whatever and just hit them in the face. Now I know which person it will be. Fred Durst I will murder you. Hows that for darkness? 🙂

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