Strange robberies, or robbers with bad luck

I’m going to take a cue from many Czech politicians, who would like you to direct your attention away from the completely strange case of the Prime Minister, his non-businesswoman wife and her business partner, who may or may not own a whorehouse, I’d like to point out a story from today’s The translation is mine.

Strangest robberies, or robbers with bad luck

Some criminals have unbelievably bad luck, and their efforts at illegal riches sometimes remind one of a film parody. In recent days, several failed robberies have been reported, and while the culprits didn’t get rich, they certainly entertained others.

A band of armed bandits met with cruel irony last week when they attacked a store in Prague 9. The robbery was certainly planned and the robbers put on their masks and took their pistols, but forgot one crucial detail: How much money the sales clerk had. According to his testimony, the robbers made around 46 crowns (USD $2). Police are still searching for the culprits.

A thief in Karvina found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time when he wanted to rob a pensioner Wednesday. He failed to notice that a police car was traveling by at the moment he attacked his victim. The pensioner lost no money and was not injured, and the police immediately arrested the young man, who faces a 10 year sentence.

But a Prague robber wins the crown. On Wednesday he tried to break into a car parked on the banks of the Vltava. The car’s owner saw the theft, and gave chase. After a while the thief slipped on the snow and fell into the icy river. The victim took pity on the robber and helped him to the shore. Police took the wet and shamed repeat offender into custody.

3 thoughts on “Strange robberies, or robbers with bad luck

  1. Stupid criminals? There are many of those in the U.S. Like the guy in Philadelphia, PA, who went to a liquor store and wanted some whiskey without paying. The clerk said “I don’t believe you are over 21”. And so the guy took out his ID and showed him. When he got home, the police were already there, since the clerk got the address from the ID. Haaaaaaahhhhh.

  2. I’m glad to see that the USA isn’t the only country with stupid thieves. Carry on fellow travelers!

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