Bruised but happy

I managed to get away from software development long enough to get some snowboarding in this weekend in the Krkonoše mountains.

(Note for the Czech speakers out there: If a listonoš carries listy, what does Krakonoš carry?)

I managed to bang up my thigh pretty well riding up an old-school towbar; most modern towbars have a question mark shape, so as to let snowboarders ride comfortably. Not the old-school place I rode at, and I have a bruise as big as two fists to prove it. But it was great to be back on my board after a long hiatus.

And another 15-20cm are supposed to fall tonight!

4 thoughts on “Bruised but happy

  1. Interesting question 🙂

    KrakonoÅ¡ is named by KrkonoÅ¡e mountains. And name of KrkonoÅ¡e (or KrakonoÅ¡e in past) is based by combination of kr(a)k – what means kleč (Carpathian pine in English) and noÅ¡(e) – nosit (carry).

    So Krkonoše are mountains which carry Carpathian pines and Krakonoš is their anthropomorphic personification :))

  2. Eso, thanks for that explanation! The question was one we loudly debated all weekend. Now if I can only find out if Trautenberk was a real person or not, I’ll be able to sleep at night. 😉

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