There’s been a lot said about the passing of Hunter S. Thompson in the last day or so, and I wanted to add my own .02 eurocents to the discussion.

Thor Garcia nailed it: “It wasn’t about Drugs and Drug-Concepts, and it wasn’t about the Guns, though both are of course crucial to his Art & Philosophy. It was about Independence.”

It’s never about Drugs and Drug-Concepts. Any poser can get out of his head on this or that drug and think he’s Gonzo. Fuck that.

One of the more interesting and educational moments of my college career came during one of HST’s visiting lecture, watching the backstage shenanigans of who-knows-how-many Hunter imitators; almost to a person, they confused Drug-Concepts with talent.

But there is no pill you can take, no gas you can inhale, no drink strong enough to grant you that. HST had it, perhaps even despite the life he led.

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