Corner Turn

We had a major corner turn on LiveSupport last night, when developer Sebastian Goebel was able to get his HTML user interface to work. Like with heavily-under-construction software, there are lots of bugs to be worked out. But we’re a huge step closer to the release. Nice work.

With the HTML user interface, a DJ can log into the station from home and upload his show, for example. Or the program director could make the station’s schedule from any place where there’s a browser.

Another big development should happen in the next few days, when we get to see the working LiveSupport Studio component, which is designed for the DJ in the studio to work either from pre-made playlists or to improvise in what’s called Live Assist mode.

One thought on “Corner Turn

  1. Heyas Doug, LiveSUpport looks nice.

    Another of “JamesBond Harcore open source stuff” is comming soon out. The silly thing is that I dont have radio station yet…but maybe it is going to be changed when you release this. ;o)

    Have a nice day mate.


    P.S. did you noticed that there is super extra small front window cleaning water tank in Fabia. ;o)

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