Brno Police Catch 52-year-old Tagger

Mark this story up as being about someone who is definitely Old School. The translation from today’s is mine.

Brno Police Catch 52-year-old Tagger

Police on Brno’s Fleischnerova Street couldn’t believe their eyes when they caught a tagger in the act, but what was even more surprising was her age. She’s 52.

“She’s definitely the oldest graffiti artist in town,” police spokesman Vít Cvrček said, adding that the woman chose a transformer station on which she made a tag 1.5 meters wide and 3 meters tall with a marking pen. The perpetrator now faces a fine or up to a year in prison.

Police: Otherwise, she’s a normal woman

Investigators are now working on the woman’s case. Police caught her completely unexpectedly. “Otherwise, she’s a normal woman. What got her into graffiti, we have no idea,” the spokeswoman said, adding that normally taggers are between 15 and 20, with the hardest-core up to 25 years old.

Her case surprised not only police, but experts as well. Psychologist Jiří Brančík believes the woman could be suffering a mental illness, and should seek help.

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