The trip to Weimar was pretty cool. I got to ride on Deutsche Bahn’s ICE high-speed trains. Nice ride. A small screen at the back of the car showed the speed, and I didn’t notice it going above 160 kph, but still. 160 kph is all right by me, especially when I consider it a minor miracle when a Czech train gets about 80kph.

On the trainspotting tip, I understand that one of the unintended side effects of the Pendolino trains slated for service on the Prague-Děčín line is that all that tilting gets some people motion sick. Anybody know anything about that?

Today I have more meetings with the Berlin-based developers working on the LiveSupport HTML UI, and then I catch an afternoon train back to Kafkaville. Gotta love the power outlets on these trains.

4 thoughts on “ICE

  1. I once rode the white-and-red ICE train from Dresden to Hannover. It was SO cool. The only problem is that the train changes direction about two times, as it enters dead-end train stations. So when you choose a seat in the right directions, no help, because in no time you’ll be going backwards. Which I hate

  2. By the way. Are you taking part in the HERMES project of internet radios, organized by several Weimar-based institutions?

  3. Petr, the Force is strong in you. I thought my subterfuge would go undetected by Jedi mind tricks…

    Yes, I was there to talk about our possible participation in HERMES, but it’s really early days. We’ll see how it goes…

  4. Am no expert on Pendolinos (though I know somebody who may know one), but I think that I would have noticed anything such in those few firsthand reports I’ve glimpsed.
    And anyway, it also goes directly against the principle of the thing (at least as I understand it): the whole point of tilting is to guarantee that no centrifugal force will be felt. At most you could feel heavier in the turns, but I have no idea how many m/s^2 it would be and whether it’s noticeable. But ISTR that they emphasized you don’t feel a thing.
    You could always try it for yourself

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