5 thoughts on “Mucosolvan Retard

  1. It works pretty good for stopping the post-nasal drip that feeds the cough, Steve. I’m alternating between a combined Paralen/Mucosolvan Retard attack alternating with mugs of Coldrex. That leaves me talking like Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man. And just to be sure, I’m bombarding my nasal passages with salt water spray too. What’ve they got you on?

  2. I didn’t have much congestion. I had a gutting 39 degree temperature for three days right off the bat that left me with legs of rubber. Even opening the eyes was painful. So it was for me a very rare case of antibiotics. For the cough I said “I must have codeine – give me codeine.” So I got some Kodynal that just shut it down. Sleep at last. I’m at day D+8 and ready to resume normal life, so I consider myself lucky.

  3. Mucosolvan Retard was recommended to me by my mom, however I am not sure whether this medicine is available in the United States and whether it is available over the counter. Any information about it?

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