5 thoughts on “Football chants?

  1. Yes. I followed the funeral on the BBC. At one point the crowds were using a common rhythm and chant used at football matches. They were chanting “Giovani Paulo” or John Paul in Italian.

  2. i was sitting around watching it on cnn at bwg’s and while i couldn’t tell you about the chanting, i *did* mention that it looked like the type of crowd in which a pack of hooligans would start a riot or something. . . i think it was all those flags being waved around. . .

  3. i think it *did* get eaten up by the internets. . . here it is again:

    while i can’t say whether or not the chanting sounded like football chants, i did notice that, what with all the different country flags that were being waved around, it seemed like a hooligan riot should kick in at some point. ..

  4. The system should let you post once you’ve had a comment successfully added, so I don’t know why it stuck your comment in the ‘moderation’ queue, but it’s up now. Comment spam has been cut way down, but is still coming in at around 5-6 per day, btw.

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