A ride on the Pendolino

Over the weekend I decided to take a ride on the new high-speed Pendolino train service running between Děčín and Masarykovo nádraži.

The Pendolino is fast. How fast? I can’t tell for sure, because the cars don’t have speedometers displaying your km/h like they do on the ICE trains in Germany. But it felt like something around 140 km/h, which is double what I usually get on trains domestically.

The trip to Děčín takes around 90 minutes on the Pendolino, but I decided to stop in Roudnice nad Labem (nice town, btw) and head back on the next Pendolino.

Inside, the interior looks like an aircraft’s, with a high-tech feature that electrically raises the window curtain. Lots of families with kids on the train got lots of mileage out of that. Lots of parents made good use of the train’s bar. In the bar car, there’s all this high-tech equipment but behind the bar, a traditional beer tap serving Starobrno. I was impressed.

The only real drawback I could think of was that I didn’t see any electrical outlets for all the gear I carry with me, which will be a real bummer on business trips. Travel tip: Be sure to get a seat reservation – a místenka – because the trains are standing-room only.

I understand the Pendolino will eventually run to Dresden, where eventually there will be high-speed service to Berlin. Eventually. For now, though, it’s a nice ride and I’m looking forward to using it on more lines than just Prague-Děčín.

3 thoughts on “A ride on the Pendolino

  1. Recently I read in ÄŒeské dráhy’s self-promo magazine (see 2.3 MB PDF, page 5) something that I understood to mean that there are outlets in 1st class (only?). You should have asked the ticket inspector, or whatever they call them there.

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