5 thoughts on “OMFG

  1. On March 17th, when Paroubek was still a mere little-known minister, Magazín Mladé fronty in one of those inane articles on “internet humor” re-published this gallery which apparently appeared on the site already on January 27th.
    (NB: ISTR complaints that the they don’t give a damn about copyrights so I can’t rule out that that it is even older work of somebody else.)

  2. I found about it from Ken Layne, who asked me if I had a copy of yesterday’s Blesk for scanning. He pointed me to the AFP story. The weird thing was that AFP’s story didn’t include Blesk’s uncanny side-by-side comparison of the two. It’s kind of the journalistic equivalent of telling someone, ‘well, you had to have been there.’

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