Dead Ixus :-(((

Here’s a question for the digital shutterbugs among you: My beloved Canon Ixus 400 just fell on the ground, and now it displays the dreaded E18 message, which according to one website is the worst thing that can happen to you. I guess it’s the Canon equivalent of the BSOD.

So assuming it’s hosed, which camera would you recommend as a replacement? I loved the Ixus’ size, its ability to do pretty good video, CF card support, and mainly the image quality.

Any advice? Drop me a line in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Dead Ixus :-(((

  1. I have a Minolta DiMage 7. Very tuff frame and lens protection from the OOPPPS!SHT times.
    I understand.
    It gives fantastic results in all modes. and the most important thing, the prices have gone down!

    Your distant relative and shutter maniac,

    Dave Arellanes

  2. yo! barney likes his pentax optio s, his 3.2mp fits in an altoids tin, the new optio s 5mp would except you need to shave off the wrist-strap eyelet thingy(ask barney). my buddy has the sony dsc-w1, and the updated versions are the dsc-w5(5mp) and w7(7mp) and they have the zeiss lenses i guess if you wanna keep using the CF’s you got for your dead canon, then check cams that take CF’s?

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