Use the fork, Luke

Damn, I’m lapsing back into serious geekdom these days. Not only have I run my first compiles under Debian (and succcessfully made Debian packages! Woohoo!), but I’m also going solo to see Star Wars tonight.

We’re working on t-shirts for our upcoming SummerCAMP developers’ conference, and one of the best ideas was: Use the fork, Luke. Which could be taken all kinds of ways, but is especially funny to open source geeks.

While I’m kind of sad I didn’t get to see the premiere Wednesday at midnight, I’m glad I didn’t have to deal with fans in costume. (Yeah, yeah, it’s Windows Media. Feh.)

About 50 seconds into the report, you’ll see that even Czech fans showed up in costume. But they must rank pretty low on the social pecking order, even on the admittedly low Star Wars fan pecking order, ‘coz they didn’t even have cool-looking merchandise. Just these funny papier-mache Yoda masks.

One thought on “Use the fork, Luke

  1. i always find it kind of painful to watch the nerds dress up like that and i think it’s ‘cuz it hits a little too close to home. . . as in if i were just a *tad* nerdier, i’d be one of the people out there decked out as a gungan. . .

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