You know, folks, my birthday is coming up in a couple of months, and I just wanted to mention one thing that I’d like to put on my wishlist, tee hee:

From the site:

The VRX 2000 is a real time acetate cutting machine, allowing any audio source to be duplicated on to vinyl. Acetates allow DJ’s to play exclusive tracks that are not available in commercial quantities, or to record original music from a mastered format on to one off records.

Scratch DJ’s can record breaks and loops from other sources and prepare their set on to one record. In DJ “battles”, this enables quicker performance as the record will no longer need to be changed. Any audio source such as CD, MP3, tape or mini disc can be easily duplicated.

A vinyl burner! Serious DJ geek cred. The only thing that might be better than that would be to hook up my laptop to it at a club and sell the vinyls there on the spot. (h/t Attu)