In case anyone is wondering, here are a few things I’m listening to right about now.

DJ Raeo – March 2005 mix. You got to give it up to DJ Raeo, whose mixes are described as ‘glitchy downtempo,’ but I think that translates to something like ‘pure dope’. Raeo and DJ Krush would bookend each other nicely, I’d say; Raeo brings Krush’s blunted-out paranoia to downtempo-land. Oh, and it swings.

Lucas Gonze discusses XSPF. I’m intrigued by XSPF, especially since our guys have spent so much time and effort making LiveSupport run native SMIL, but at this point, since the heavy lifting has been done, if XSPF starts to take off we’ll have no choice but to support it.

Gilles Peterson’s ‘Worldwide’ show. One of these days we’ll have Gilles Peterson’s show in something other than a stream, but for now, I’m happy to have it. The only thing that’s kinda funny is when you’re all in the groove, and then you get “Buffering…. Buffering… Buffering.”