Iveta: Collapsed, but from what?

Oh, man! I just translated the entire Iveta story from today’s Blesk, only to have my browser crash right at the end. Aaaaugh!

I’m more than a little preoccupied with the final preparations before tomorrow’s flight to San Francisco, so I missed this in the morning. But in my comments today, none other than Tomáš (Baldachyn) Baldýnský tipped me to today’s Blesk and its over-the-top coverage of Iveta BartoÅ¡ová’s collapse.

I think it’s fair to say Blesk took the ball and ran with it, but for me the question is whether or not they ran all the way into oncoming traffic.

I’m not going to translate it again because I still have to pack for the flight, so here’s a quick summary: Iveta was found unconscious at her home, apparently from a combination of booze and pills. Blesk chased her down at the hospital, where they apparently got this, er, less-than-flattering photo. Is it me, or is she morphing into Axl Rose? But I digress.

As Baldachyn rightly points out, the last graf is the really weird one.

When [boyfriend] took Iveta Bartošová home from the hospital, he provided Blesk with a racy explanation for her unconsciousness.

“We were trying new sexual methods, and in one tantric method Iveta passed out, because she wasn’t breathing. That one is about holding your ejaculation and holding your orgasm. And because we held on too long, it knocked Iveta out. That’s why I brought her here,” Podhůrský explained completely nonsensically.

Is this someone’s attempt at damage control? If so, I’m sure it’ll really make the sponsors really relieved to know that Iveta hasn’t begun her nightmarish descent into booze and pills (as VH1’s “Behind the Music” might put it), but that she’s into kinky sex instead.

This is Number 121 in my Blesk Iveta Count.

My next posts will be from the Silicon Valley.

3 thoughts on “Iveta: Collapsed, but from what?

  1. not worth it?. . . apparently *someone* hasn’t actually *tried* the ol’ autoerotic asphyxiation deal. . . although it’s much easier to do with whippets than to just hold your breath. . . not that i would’ve tried it. . . that’s just what i hear, y’know, on the street. . . a few blocks over. . .

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