Mountain View

I’ve touched down in Mountain View, California, smack in the middle of the Silicon Valley, where I’m staying with my family. We had lunch today at the Shoreline park, which borders the Googleplex. The Googleplex used to be in a really nondescript office building, but a couple of years ago they moved over to the former headquarters of Silicon Graphics.

An investor once said that he always sells when he sees that the company has spent millions on its offices. I recall the posh Excite@Home office complex up on the 101, which were completed just as the company was going into bankruptcy. Anyway, Google probably doesn’t fit that model because they probably got the SGI buildings for a song.

Michael’s Restaurant at Shoreline was full of Googlers (Googlies?) on their lunch break. I halfway expected them to be solving space-time continuum algorithms on cocktail napkins, but nothing of that sort happened. Instead, I fit in pretty well, with my own bland golf shirt and khaki pants.

3 thoughts on “Mountain View

  1. I worked at those posh excite@home offices – well, the ones across the street. They finished construction on the new ones just as I left. The stock was already in freefall and bankruptcy happened about a year later.

    Silly company, that.

  2. I don’t think it has anything to do with the offices. Google, like the others before them, is overvalued. Whether they use their excess cash to have a nice campus or not is irrelevant — they are riding the Pequod.

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