Had lunch yesterday with my pal Jeffrey, who works at Yahoo. The Yahoo campus in Sunnyvale is absolutely YUGE, and looks like a university, albeit one with lots of millionaires.

I had no idea about the rivalries between the three big online services – eBay, Yahoo and Google. It’s kind of like the Jets vs. the Sharks in West Side Story. It’s like you can’t wear your bandana on the wrong pocket of your khakis, or wear the wrong color golf shirt on this side of the Valley or something.

4 thoughts on “Rivalries

  1. I was googling myself when I came upon Douglas Arellanes everywhere, then it suddenly dawned on me that I went to UCSB with a Doug Arellanes. I was in a summer program at UCSB that started 2 weeks before our 1st year at UCSB and we all had to introduce ourselves to one another in the program and since you have the same last name as myself (which is extremely rare), I took notice. It was the summer of 1985 and the Doug Arellanes at UCSB was a quiet and shy kind of guy with dark hair. Looking at your picture, you could be the same guy. So I just want to put my curiousity to rest and ask are you the same guy? Thanks, and sorry for taking your time.

  2. Doug: Lost your email address. Can now re-offer aforementioned accomodation! The Italians have rented a house after all. Any good? Let me know.

  3. Hi Doug, I am a Ventura Chumash living in Olympia Washington. Just wanted to contact you and let you know we are related thru the Arellano line, and you are most likely Chumash as well. Interesting note… our common original Spanish ancestor was named Arrellano, but changed his name to Arellanes.
    Perusing your site, I also noticed the software for newspapers. I am working on building a Chumash newssite and using PHP slash. I’m not too computer savvy, and the software isn’t real easy to use… perhaps I should try campsite. Did you have some hand in that? Well, write if the spirit moves you. Otherwise enjoy your expatitude.

  4. i have to ask – is this rivalry one of those rivalries that one side isn’t aware of ‘cuz they dominate so thoroughly?. . . like i could see yahoo thinking of google as a rival, but does google look at yahoo in the same way that the ipod looks at dell’s mp3 player?. . .

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