Return to Kafkaville

I’m back home in Kafkaville now, after an amazing month spent all around California. It was the Wish Fulfillment tour, spent doing all kinds of wonderful California Summer things, visiting friends and family, and being treated like visiting royalty at every turn.

I think I’d run out of exclamation points if I had to describe all the cool things we got to do on that trip. My favorite meal? My grandma’s barbecued carne asada, with her beans and rice and cold Pacifico beers. But the food at places like Santa Barbara’s La Super Rica were transcendent as well. I can still taste their horchata, which bWg is convinced uses condensed milk.

I knew I was home when I had to drive the Fabia again after having a big-ass Ford Expedition SUV for the duration of my stay; I guess I’ve used up this year’s carbon emissions allotment driving it that month. Say what you will about those cars’ efficiency, but you sure can put a lot of people and stuff in one. It was an interesting change for me, because my time in Kafkaville has turned me into only an occasional driver (I either walk or take the bus to work, and prefer trains to driving in the Czech Republic because you can knock back a beer or seven along the way).

Because I have family all over the state, I get to see all kinds of different places, and only now, when reviewing all the pictures I took along the way, I’m reminded what a really beautiful place it is.

Were there things I wish I’d done while there? Of course, but also along the way somewhere (I think it was on the plane over), I managed to pick up and fight off a bout of pneumonia. Go figure.

Anyway, I’m back now, and regular blogging will now resume.

4 thoughts on “Return to Kafkaville

  1. Welcome back! Please come to a party tonight, July 23, at Kava Kava Kava at Andel.

    This is one of the hundreds of simultaneous parties going on around the United States and in a few international locations, too, one being Prague.

    The party is sponsored by US Congressman John Conyers,, and

    Congressman Conyers and Ambassador Joseph Wilson will do a conference call with us at 10pm. They will also provide us with a video stream of their activities.

    The party is to commerate the third anniversary of the Downing Street Meeting which started the turnaround in America’s history.

    Please come. My phone number is xxx-079-269
    the prefix being the standard one for Oskar.

    This invitation is extended to the public.

    I hope to see you there,

  2. We miss you guys already; and not to rub it in or anything, but the carne asada was sizzling at Grams this weekend. It had to have been the greatest carne to date.

    I know, that was cruel, but maybe it will shorten the time between your next visit if I keep posting this stuff.


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