I’ve been racking my brains these last couple of days trying to figure out what to post about. The rocket rise in popularity of Jiří “Joe Quimby” Paroubek? He’s now the most popular politician in the country, and inside of his first 100 days, you know.


This one caught my eye. President Klaus is trying to distinguish what’s rightist and what’s leftist in real life.

Chocolate creme is rightist, according to the Czechs’ highest official, whereas mineral water in plastic bottles and green salad is leftist.


Here’s what’s right and what’s left, according to the president:

Chocolate creme
Potato salad
Vlašský salat

Green salad
Mineral water in plastic bottles

Is this some kind of CIA mind control experiment where some guy in an unmarked van hits a red button and all of a sudden the President starts talking absolute gibberish?

An even scarier thought: This is what’s passing for funny up at the castle.