Opinion in Pravo: CzechTek divides public into two camps

This is from today’s Lidovky.cz. The translation is mine:

Opinion in Pravo: CzechTek divides public into two camps

The police action against participants of the CzechTek 2005 techno party has divided the Czech public into two large camps. An instant poll conducted for Pravo by the STEM agency shows that 50.3 % believe the police had no reason for their behavior, while 49.7 % had the opposite opinion. 660 Czechs took part in the survey.

A large part of the public disagreed with PM Jiří Paroubek and Interior Minister František Bublan. In both cases, roughly 56% of respondents did not approve of their handling of the situation. The remaining 44 % said they were right.

“It looks like Prime Minister Paroubek has taken a blow, but it is not a dramatic problem; the CzechTek case has polarized citizens into two large parts,” STEM Director Jan Hartl told Pravo.

More than 2/3 of Czechs according to the poll also want stricter terms for holding similar events like CzechTek.

The most critical voices come from Civic Democrat voters, with roughly 70% of them considering the police’s behavior without justification. ODS has been the strongest critic on the political scene, and Czech president and honorary ODS chairman Václav Klaus has sharply criticized it as well.

Social Democrat voters consider the police raid justified; 82% supported the raid. Social Democrats have defended the actions from the beginning. PM Paroubek, party leader Stanislav Gross and Chamber of Deputies Chairman Lubomír Zaorálek all supported the police.

3/4 of Communist voters and 58% of KDU-ÄŒSL voters support the police, Pravo said. Leaders of these parties, however, criticized the crackdown.

The police found the least support among young people. 63% of Czechs between 18 and 29 were against the police raid. Support grows with age, and among people 45 to 59 the prevailing opinion is that the action was necessary. People 60 and older were absolutely clear: 71% said the action was justified.

About 5000 people attending a techno party in Mlýnce na Tachovsku were raided by around 1000 police, with scores injured.

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