As a Californian, one of the little things that has been hardest for me to get my head around is how Czechs – and Europeans in general – don’t use much ice in their drinks.

But that may be changing. When I went to put gas in the Fabia a couple of days ago (30.20 Kč per liter, or USD $4.82 per gallon, in case you’re wondering), I was surprised and amazed to see ‘party led’ in front of the mini market. Hell yeah!

For a while after, I kept saying to myself in my best Central European accent, ‘party led’.

Which brings me to my favorite musical discovery this year. When Robert Klajn came into town from Belgrade earlier this year, he finally brought me some recordings of the legendary Partibrejkers.

I have a few friends from the former Yugoslavia, and whenever they talk about Partibrejkers, it’s always been in that same tone of voice reserved for rock legends. I always figured they were going to be kind of naff, along the lines of Elan or Olympic.

But no. They’re the real deal.