It’s confirmed. I’ll be going to South Africa in a couple of weeks to address a plenary session of the Highway Africa conference at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa. I’ll be taking part in a session called “Uses of Technology in Journalism and the Media,” where I’ll be debuting our LiveSupport software, and meeting with a number of African colleagues, many of whom are interested in using LiveSupport to power community radio stations.

I don’t know how it got started, but this will be yet another birthday spent abroad (memorable ones include Copenhagen on Sept. 11th, and 2003’s visit to the Stellenbosch wine country outside Cape Town). It also means, on the other hand, that I’ll be in the air on Sept. 11th.

It’s a long story, but the itinerary will take me first by train to Berlin, then to Madrid, then to Johannesburg, then to Port Elizabeth, and finally a 45-minute drive to Grahamstown.

While I’m a little bit nervous about presenting before a plenary session, it should be fun because I’m actually pretty happy with how LiveSupport is shaping up, as well as the community that’s coalescing around it.

Besides, if all goes well, I might even get to see Jeffreys Bay, which isn’t far from Port Elizabeth, and is the place in the movie “Endless Summer” where they find the perfect wave.