Berlin-Madrid-Johannesburg-Port Elizabeth-Grahamstown

I’m in an internet cafe in Johannesburg airport, almost through a pretty brutal couple of days’ worth of travel. First by train to Berlin, then flying to Madrid, then flying to Johannesburg, a long layover, and later today, flying to Port Elizabeth and driving to Grahamstown.

I look particularly greazy and untrustworthy, and could really use a shower.

But I do like being in South Africa, and am looking forward to first a bed, then tomorrow’s start of the Highway Africa conference.

2 thoughts on “Berlin-Madrid-Johannesburg-Port Elizabeth-Grahamstown

  1. Hi there…Jak se máte?

    I am just curious what you know about Hodonin? My partner whent to go and teach English there at . Do you know what this school is like? What the people are like? What else they teach there besides language?

    We are from Canada and I would like to know more about where he is having to live for the next 10 months?

    Is it very open minded like here in Canada? Is it healthy? Is there clean water? Are their lots of DJ’s and good muci there? Are there alot of skinheads?

    Mam zajem. S pozdravem.


  2. Oh….my!

    I thought I was sending a private comment to the author of this web site!

    Sorry if it is out of context!

    I still would like to know though…if anyone knows about Hodonin.

    Thank you kindly!


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