Back in Prague

I’m back in Prague after a particularly nasty 26-hour trip home. While I’m glad to be back, I’m already missing being in South Africa. There’s so much to like about being there.

I spent the weekend in Johannesburg, or ‘Jozi’ as some call it, and in between all the meetings I had lined up around LiveSupport with various community radio people, I managed, with the help of the excellent and super-cool Dianne Regisford, to get a little record shopping in. I didn’t have much time, but she was all, ‘you need this, and this, and this, and this, and this … ‘ and before I knew it, I had a stack of CDs. Excellent stuff, all of it.

Here’s the biggest surprise of the trip: While I was eager to get my hands on some Kwaito music, it seems the thing these days is house, or actually what some call Afro-Pop, which merges house with Kwaito. One taxi driver I rode with nearly drove the car off the road when he got carried away talking about house music. He told me that the cool show to be listening to is ‘Oskido’s Church’ on YFM Sundays from 6 to 9pm.

One of the cool CDs I picked up is “Shades of Maf & So” by DJ Mbuso. Dope stuff. DJ Mbuso is the man.

I’m still trying to get through the stack of records I picked up, but the one that stands out so far is Simphiwe Dana’s “Zandisile.” which like Bebel Gilberto manages to merge the modern with the traditional.

Great stuff all around. Expect a pretty strong set from me at my new DJ residency in October.

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