Just as I find myself getting back to speed from last week’s South Africa trip, I’m getting ready to head to Moscow on Sunday, where I’ll be talking about – you guessed it – open source software and how it can be used by media organizations.

Specifically, I’ll be talking about our new management tools for media.

Cream 2.0 is a customer relationship management system designed to help media companies keep track of subscriptions, ad sales, customer communications and newsletters.

Dream 1.0 is a print circulation/distribution database that lets publishers have better insight into the sales and returns on printed copies; it can track individual vendors and their sales/returns as well as providing a lot of different reporting tools.

I’ve never been to Moscow, so this will be interesting. And I don’t know how to handle vodka drinking; I tend to stay away from the hard stuff. You know, all that stuff about Indians and fire water. But it will be interesting to see, that’s for sure.