The presentation today, where I explained open source to a group of Russian publishers, went pretty well. It’s really a chicken-or-egg question as to who to convince of the need to adopt open source methods; do you target the IT people first or go straight for their bosses? This time around, I went to the bosses first. We’ll see if they get back to their IT people now and ask for open source solutions.

The Microsoft people were interesting. They talked a lot about licensing and their various licensing policies. In Russia, where 87% of software is pirated, their competition isn’t any individual company or product, but rather their own stuff being pirated. My point to the publishers was that I didn’t care as much about which solution they choose, as long as they get legal. Piracy is a risk, especially for independent publishers.

I’m going downtown in a while for the publishers’ reception. Maybe after a few vodkas, they’ll get down to brass tacks and tell me what it’s really going to take.

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